How ‘Natural Athletes’ Are Made & Why Our Environment Matters Most

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It's Fall. The MLB playoffs are here. College football and the NFL are in full swing. TV, radio, and podcasts are flooded with game day reports, and late fantasy football decisions. We routinely hear hosts proclaiming: “Wow, what an amazing natural ability”, “You can’t teach that”, or “Only a [...]

School is back in session: How the gym became my professor, changed my behavior, and gave me a glorious life.

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I am thankful. Thankful for science, thankful for a supportive environment, thankful for the world we live in. Thankful for the opportunities given to me, and those unknown. I have been reflecting more lately on graduation (still 2 years to go!) and the progress made over the past 4 [...]

How I Use Behavioral Strategies To Stay Productive At The Gym

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We have all had our days at the gym. Days where we feel like a superhero by finally hitting a PR (personal record) we have been chasing for over a year. A max bench press, our fastest 5K, or finally getting a difficult yoga pose. And then the days where [...]

Daily Sugar Budgets: How Will You Spend Yours?

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Sugar! On a budget?!?! How can it be? Sugar tends to be a hot topic in today’s unhealthy climate. When obesity rates correlate well with states that consume the most pop…the southeast, we tend to notice these things. Previously, I discussed high sugar content in trendy coffee drinks (What "Diabetes [...]

BehaviorFit + MobilityWOD: 18 Things I Learned In A Course About Movement

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In my quest to better understand the mysteries of sitting and inactivity, I am always seeking out new ways to learn about a familiar topic. You may have noticed on my Instagram feed (@behaviorfit) that I completed an online certificate program by Mobility WOD (WOD is CrossFit jargon for [...]

Beware: The Unicorn Frappuccino and Its Sugary Descendants

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A couple weeks ago, social media went crazy about this newly released drink at Starbucks, the Unicorn Frappuccino. My, how far the Frappuccino has come... This new, delightful "drink" was pink and blue, changed colors and flavors. It was only around for a weekend, but people stormed to Starbucks to [...]

A Pain In Your Neck: 7 Hacks to Fix Your Text Neck!

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Over half of BehaviorFit readers access this website on a mobile device. Which means that more than likely you are looking down with your neck bent at an angle. …please stop reading for a second and look up for 10-15 seconds… (I’ll wait) …did you do it yet? No?!?!? [...]

Sitting is the New Smoking: Understand The Numbers Behind The Catchphrase

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Several years ago I came across many blog headlines that went something to the effect of "sitting is the new smoking.” Maybe you have read one or two (example 1, example 2). At first, those titles scared me out of my seat! I thought: I don’t smoke…but how can this [...]

3 Core Principles Shared By CrossFit and Behavioral Science

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How are behavioral science and CrossFit related? What is CrossFit? What is behavior analysis? You may be familiar with one, none, or both. By now, you may be asking yourself: what does science have to do with CrossFit? Or, how is behavioral science related to CrossFit? You may [...]

How To Have An ACTIVE New Year with the “Know Your Guidelines” Series!

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It's the end of the year and BehaviorFit's "Know Your Guidelines" series is complete!   Over the past fall and winter, I dedicated the blog posts to updating BehaviorFit readers with the latest guidelines related to exercise and general activity.   Each day, our steps, movement, and general behavior can [...]