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Our Mission Is To Use Behavioral Science to Engage Others to Lead happier and Healthier Lives


BehaviorFit was formed in Fall 2015. It originally started as a blog, yet has grown to include workshops, infographics, and consulting. CEO and founder, Nick Green, recognized there were gaps in various fields (behavior analysis, physical activity, and obesity to name a few…), yet each could benefit one another. BehaviorFit expanded its services to address these gaps to communicate the essentials of physical activity and basic health needs from each area. Thus, BehaviorFit was born and continually evolves to bring the best information to those he knows and others he may not (thank you social media).

BehaviorFit prides itself in creating high-quality content to service others. Most importantly, recommendations* under the BehaviorFit umbrella of services are based on the best science and research available at that time.

*Recommendations are always subject change in the light of new and exciting scientific findings

We Thrive On Improving Health Behaviors and Outcomes

Behavioral Principles Adapted For You.

BehaviorFit is founded on the principles of human behavior. Using a behavior analytic approach to health problem-solving guides progress.

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Where to start?

What are the key targets related to success? Do you need to target a behavior? Or a certain outcome?


How do we track progress?

Data-based decision-making is the hallmark of a behavioral approach. How easily and accurately can we gather the information we need?


What is working? What is not?

An individualized approach is essential for personal gains. Keep the good, get rid of the bad.

Years of Applied Experience
Forward Thinkers
Passion for Health

Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Gurus.

Nick Green, MS, BCBA
Nick Green, MS, BCBAFounder, CEO
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Gina Nicolini, MS, BCBA
Gina Nicolini, MS, BCBAProgram Specialist
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Manny Rodriguez, MS, BCBA
Manny Rodriguez, MS, BCBAAdvisory Board Member
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Dr. Paul Gavoni, Ed.D, BCaBA
Dr. Paul Gavoni, Ed.D, BCaBAAdvisory Board Member
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Tim Courtney, M.S., BCBA
Tim Courtney, M.S., BCBAAdvisory Board Member
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