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Our Mission Is To Use Behavioral Science to Engage Others to Lead happier and Healthier Lives


BehaviorFit was formed in Fall 2015. It originally started as a blog, yet has grown to include workshops, infographics, and consulting. CEO and founder, Nick Green, recognized there were gaps in various fields (behavior analysis, physical activity, and obesity to name a few…), yet each could benefit one another. BehaviorFit expanded its services to address these gaps to communicate the essentials of physical activity and basic health needs from each area. Thus, BehaviorFit was born and continually evolves to bring the best information to those he knows and others he may not (thank you social media).

BehaviorFit prides itself in creating high-quality content to service others. Most importantly, recommendations* under the BehaviorFit umbrella of services are based on the best science and research available at that time.

*Recommendations are always subject change in the light of new and exciting scientific findings

We Thrive On Improving Health Behaviors and Outcomes

Behavioral Principles Adapted For You.

BehaviorFit is founded on the principles of human behavior. Using a behavior analytic approach to health problem-solving guides progress.

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Where to start?

What are the key targets related to success? Do you need to target a behavior? Or a certain outcome?


How do we track progress?

Data-based decision-making is the hallmark of a behavioral approach. How easily and accurately can we gather the information we need?


What is working? What is not?

An individualized approach is essential for personal gains. Keep the good, get rid of the bad.

Years of Applied Experience
Forward Thinkers
Passion for Health

Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Gurus.

Nick Green, MS, BCBA
Nick Green, MS, BCBAFounder, CEO
Nick Green, is a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) and focuses on improving the health of others through practice and research. His formal education includes:

* B.A. Psychology (Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, 2006)
* Minor: Philosophy
* M.S. Organizational Behavior Management (Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL, 2015).
* Currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Florida.
* Department of Psychology – Concentration: Behavior Analysis

Nick’s previous experiences include 5 years of clinical work with individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities, working within organizations to evaluate and improve processes, managing and overseeing the training of small teams. For more detail on his experience, education, and professional involvement:

His experience and education bring a unique perspective when designing pro-health solutions.Nick’s main focus and research interest in reducing sedentary behavior (too much sitting) in the workplace. His passion is:

“Improving human performance and health with behavior analysis.”

When Nick is not in a book or writing, he enjoys training his dog Pete, improving productivity, photography, Olympic weightlifting, and CrossFit.

Gina Nicolini, MS, BCBA
Gina Nicolini, MS, BCBAProgram Specialist
Gina Nicolini is Board Certified Behavior Analyst and brings a passion for working with on treatment of health-related behavior in children, including programming appropriate levels of physical activity. Since 2000, she has worked in disability services and has instructed in a wide range of settings.

Gina experiences first-hand the glaring reality that individuals with special needs are often under served in the areas of physical activities and related leisure skills. She noticed in residential facilities, group homes, schools, clinics, and nursing homes that well-developed programs often fail to teach and develop skills that meet this basic human need.

Gina’s clinical expertise lies with assessing and developing goals through the use of VB-MAPP, Essential for Living, and AFFLS. Her unique experience benefits BehaviorFit by programming physical activity and play with the application of Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior, via natural environment training and verbal modules. She applies pairing, and lag schedules to increase duration and variety of responses related to physical activities. Her current research interests include stereotypy as relates to physical activity and diet.

Gina is a Professional Crisis Management Instructor, further spurring her interest in client and staff fitness. She believes that the overall health and fitness off direct care staff is important for the safety and well-being of clients.  She strives to educate her behavior technicians and practicum students on the importance of well-developed health practice both professionally and personally.

Manny Rodriguez, MS
Manny Rodriguez, MSAdvisory Board Member
With over 15 years of experience, Manny has worked with many organizations across the globe. He is an accomplished practitioner in the field of Behavior Analysis, highly regarded by his customers, and colleagues alike. He has earned a reputation for his quick grasp of behavioral challenges and how to solve them offering a practical “real-world” approaches. He has held positions both as an external consultant at the largest behavior based consultancies, Aubrey Daniels International and the Continuous Learning Group, and as a Global Environmental Health and Safety leader within FMC Corporation, an international specialty chemicals company, and today is Vice President of ABA Technologies, Inc.

Manny’s experience spans various industries working with some of the largest organizations in the world such as Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Kraft Foods, Syncrude, Cigna, Heinz, Canadian National Railway, Duke Power, ADM, Blair, Bell Canada, Stewart Enterprises, and FMC Corporation. Manny has led large scale change efforts, providing one-on-one coaching with executives and senior managers, developing and delivery engaging professional development learning events, and led teams of professionals to achieve significant performance. His leadership in the science of human behavior has impacted the lives of thousands leaders and employees nationally and internationally.
Manny has worked with organizations across the globe, lending his expertise in behavioral science to make a difference in the workplace.  Manny’s experience spans various industries such as human services, nuclear power, government, oil and gas, transportation, telecommunications, banking, and chemical within the Fortune 1000.  Today, he focuses his time on bringing behavior analysis to executives and leaders through online learning, consulting, and training practitioners.
Through his leadership, Manny has consulted to various clients, launched Operant Leadership, the business consulting service division of ABA Technologies, co-authored with his Operant Leadership colleagues Daniel Sundberg and Shannon Biagi the four volume series OBM Applied! a practical guide to implementing organizational behavior management, and most recently co-authored with Dr. Paul Gavoni the book Quick Wins! Accelerating School Transformation through Science, Engagement, and Leadership.
In addition, Manny volunteers his time as the current Executive Director of the OBM Network, and as a member of the board of directors of the space coast human resource association.

Dr. Paul Gavoni, Ed.D
Dr. Paul Gavoni, Ed.DAdvisory Board Member
“Paulie” Gavoni is passionate about bringing out the best in people.  Paulie has spent 22 years coaching and supporting education and human services with analyzing and developing practical behavior and performance management systems to positively impact students and families.  With Manny Rodriguez, Paulie recently co-authored the book Quick Wins! Accelerating School Transformation through Science, Engagement, and Leadership. Paulie holds a Doctorate of Education with a concentration in Organizational Leadership from NSU, a Specialist of Education with a concentration in Educational Leadership from NSU, and a Masters and Bachelors of Social Work with a Concentration in Youth and Families from Barry University.  He recently became the Chief Operating Officer at Kaleidoscope Interventions.
Beyond his work in education and human services, Paulie is also a highly respected and sought out coach in mixed martial arts (MMA). In 1992, Paulie began boxing in South Florida and went on to win a Florida Golden Gloves Heavyweight Title in 1998. Since then, Coach “Paulie Gloves,” as he is known to the MMA community, has trained many champions and Ultimate Fighting Championship vets using technologies rooted in the behavioral sciences. A featured coach in the book Beast: Blood, Struggle, and Dreams at the Heart of Mixed Martial Arts, Coach Paulie is also an author who has written for a variety of online magazines including Bloody Elbow, Last Word on Sports, MMASucka, and Scifighting.  For more about Paulie, please visit his LinkedIn profile.