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Continuing Education Course

CE Cover - Why Physical Activity Matters

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This course was designed to exemplify how behavioral science has impacted physical activity. The course offers new ideas and applications in the area of health and wellness. If you are a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) you can earn 4 CEs!

About the course:

Health is a variable that plays a factor in all of our lives. Even with the rise of gloomy health statistics, much of applied behavior analysis literature and practice does not focus on improving physical health and wellness of consumers. A scientific approach to understanding areas such as physical activity and hunger can provide practitioners a new set of focus areas when applying behavior analysis. This course provides an in-depth understanding on how to define, measure, and improve physical health. Throughout the course, participants will learn preliminary steps on how a behavior analytic approach can improve their own, consumers’, or employees’ physical health and well-being.

Learning objectives:

  • Define health and physical health
  • List physical activity recommendations for children, adults, and older adults
  • Select appropriate dependent variables related to physical activity
  • Describe successful interventions related to physical activity
  • State an evolutionary understanding of physical activity and movement
  • Describe the principles of basic nutrition and fat accumulation
  • Expand upon motivating operations related to physical activity and hunger
  • List maintaining variables related to healthy behaviors
  • Define sedentary behavior
  • List multiple risks associated with sedentary behavior
  • Describe ethical issues related to physical health